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(no subject)

Aren't they lovely?My Cone Flower bed Got pink ones also.This is one of my other type of Daylilies.

Well, the holiday is all over. We had loads of loud and pretty fireworks for 2 days; they were fun to watch.

The heavy-duty opiods are finally gone from my body and my brain is my own again. Yes, I can think and talk normally!

I'll see one doctor on Friday and one on Aug. 2nd to get some opinions on my status. I can walk normally, though slowly and I think some of the numbness in my leg has receded.

Weathers getting hot and humid; no rain. I water my flowers every day and we are keeping an eye on Sue's tree. So far, it's doing well. It's into it's 3rd year of growth now.

Later today, I am going to try driving myself to the store, driving for the first time since before Memorial Day! I think I can do it. Thank goodness the numbness is in my left leg, not my driving leg.

Some years ago, my Daylilies mutated from plain blooms to double and triple blooms. I think they look so fine.

As you can tell, I love my flowers!

Watched "American Graffitti" last night, a movie that never disappoints. ^_^

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your Daylilies are beautiful ,before 2foots had some in the garden,they were orange .
I hope that your legs feel better very soon,may be you 'll be able to do some binkies


Thank you, the double ones are special to me. Don't know about binkies, I'll be happy to be able to walk at my old pace again. :o)

Your flowers are so beautiful! I love seeing them! Thanks!

I'm glad to please! The only flowers left to bloom in my garden are my Tiger Lillies and my Black Eyed Susans.

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