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(no subject)

We had lots of gorgeous fireworks all around the neighborhood last night and tonight should see a repeat performance. I love to see the skyrockets; so pretty lighting up the night sky.

Fortunately, almost all of them were done by 11pm so sleeping was not a problem.It was supposed to rain, but it never happened, which was good luck for all the professional fireworks shows that were on last evening. (This evening also).

We haven't had rain in a long time, so yesterday my honey and I took a ride to the park to see Sue's tree. We brought along some water just in case it was suffering, but it was healthy and green. We gave the water we had anyway; it couldn't hurt.

While we've had warm days, we're not getting the high winds and blistering heat of last year, thank goodness.

I'm walking more normally and have been out for a few walks lately. In a hour or so, we'll take a drive somewhere and go for another walk. Leg is still somewhat numb, but I think it's better.

I got out and sat on our porch also, had my breakfast out there this morning. Very pleasant.

And! We had a rabbit in our yard again! The first one I've seen since we cut our rosebushes down. I'm glad they still feel it's a safe yard to come to. ^_^

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*Waves paw* Hello wildie, you've picked a good garden to nom in!

*Waves paw again* Hello Auntie, lovely photo and liking your new deck.

Bruno x

She looks a happy, healthy wildie-bun!

The buns around here seem to do well.

Hi Nancy! It's so great to see you smiling and sitting on

Hugs, Deboraaaaahyour new porch!

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