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(no subject)

Nice day again today; I actually have been doing a little gardening, just dead-heading my lilies, but it's a start. I am not supposed to bend from the waist. See a neuro-surgeoun on Aug. 2nd.

We aren't getting any of the weather-promised rain, so I'm also watering the garden really well each day, 'cause the temps are in the 80's. Ken unrolls the hose for me and rolls it back up. (No lifting).

I think it will be a quiet 4th, except for the usual fireworks, which I love to see (the rockets and all that look so fine).We'll kick back and watch the Mets and hope they win, although since they're going up against the Yankees, I have a teensy bit of doubt. ^_~

I've been keeping the bird feeders full and we've just reconditioned the bird bath in hopes of some new and different birds. I did briefly see a Baltimore Oriole a few weeks ago, but couldn't get a pic. I did capture a few shots of the female Downy Woodpecker; couldn't catch the male, though they were both there.

Happy July 4th to everyone, and to my Brit friends, have a lovely day just because. ^_^