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(no subject)

It's HOT here today, got the fans going, I think Summer's here!

My Amazin' Mets have been winning games with football scores; they got 2 fourteen run games this week! And, 2 GRAND SLAMS in one game!  There's hope yet, sports fans!

Saw my doc; my leg numbness will be chronic for a while. I must see a few more docs yet for opinions as to what might be done. So I guess I will just go with the flow and walk with it.

This humid weather is actually keeping that lovely green paint on Louis' shelves from drying completely, even after a week. So we are assaulting it with fans to help it out. Never had paint take so long to dry before.

 I want to show you a pic of one of my Cone Flowers; this one plant always has blooms with petals that curl up; I think it's so special. (You'll notice the pic on top, as usual).

Our one-time neighbors next door put a bird guard on their chimney  some years ago, but the sparrows have figured out how to fit through the holes and have a nest in the chimney again. I captured them going in and out.

I'm going to go and sit on the porch and catch the breezes. Farewell.

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Hmmm. My foot is numb too. Bad things backs!

My leg is less numb today; I see a few more docs in the next 2 weeks. I have hopes.

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