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(no subject)

It's a nice day today; a little more humid than it has been, but we are almost in July.

Went upstairs last night and slept in our bed for the first time in a month! I was able to log 6 straight hours of sleep! It was really nice.

Louis' bedroom is all done; now we just have to get him in it in July; hopefully for a week or so. We want to take him to the movies and fishing on the party boat. (Not that I fish; strictly a guy thing as far as I'm concerned. My days of stringing worms and dead fish on hooks are over).

One of my guilty, trashy t.v. pleasures is a program called "Toddlers and Tiaras" , a program about Moms who enter their little girls in beauty pageants from birth on. Strictly a Southern pasttime, it seems. It's bizarrely compelling to watch. Anyway, one of the towns on the program, called Forney, Texas, has a large statue of a rabbit outside the town. Don't know why, but since I had DVR'd the program, I was able to take a pic of the bun off the t.v. screen.

There it is, and the pic went to the top of the screen again! Why does it do that? I mean it to show up after my words!???

Here's the pics of Louis' finished room, which will probably jump to the top of the screen also.

Okay, they did jump around the page; they even posted out of order; putting the Texas bun in the middle! I don't know what's going on with this laptop! Guess I should be glad they post at all!

Going out into my garden and look at my flowers. Some fresh air and sun will be good for me.

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Things are coming alog. The rooms look very pleasant! Hope you're feeling better.

Love, Hare

the bedroom for Louis is very beautiful . Louis has good taste, he has chosen beautiful colors.

"Bonjour Louis","hello Louis".


Merci beaucoup! I will tell Louis you said so.

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