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(no subject)

3 deep blue walls and one lighter blue; all the stuff sitting around came out of the closet!

The bookcase, wall shelves and bed headboard will be this contrasting lime green. Got curtains and bedding to match.

I'm up and about a bit more, though the couch is still my main location. Got enough pills thru Tues, when I see the doc again. That means I only can use one more patch also. I'll see how I am then, My leg is still not quite my own yet.

Ken has been painting up a storm around the house. Right now, he's working on our grandson's room. These are the colors Louis chose: (see pics above). Can anyone explain to me why the pics sometimes go on top of the message of the day and sometimes on the bottom, where they belong????

I have been DVRing some cheesy "B" horror movies to watch during the day. Nothing better than a good "B" movie. So far, I've got "The Monster From Beneath the Sea", "The Giant Behemouth", "The Monster That Challenged the World" and "The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms".
If these don't entertain a person, what will?

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Gonna look nice Auntie.

We say there is nothing like a good (rubbish) movie to fall asleep to in the afternoon Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yes, those rubber-suited monsters are always relaxing and fun.

Looks so very good! I Love the green!


Really makes the room pop, doesn't it? I can't wait for Louis to see it!

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