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(no subject)
One of the Day liliesThe Cone flowers will get larger as they open more
come in 2 colors

Close up of the same

My Stella D'oros

Well, I had my spinal epidural shot yesterday and as medical experiences go, it was a very pleasant one.

Got there early, was the first patient of the day. The only slightly wrong thing was the first nurse trying to insert an IV line, first in my elbow, then my hand. She couldn't manage it. So a second nurse used my other elbow and got it right away.

Waited a little while, wearing one of the fashionable gowns those places have, with non-slip booties and a lovely light shower cap on my head. Had a nice warm blanket from the heated blanket-warming-cart to keep me cozy.

Then, after signing my name on numerous papers, I was wheeled to the procedure room, made comfy on a padded table on my tummy with a pillow under my tum and my knees and my feet. Got numerous sensors stuck onto my back, a little oxygen cannula for my nose, some twilight sleep med in my IV. Then a tiny burning from one needle and then another.

Got wheeled back (on my back), given a packet of goldfish crackers and some water. Then I got dressed and we drove home!

Today, I feel good; tired, taking the pain pills with more hours spacing between them. Not much pain, just a little; my leg still numb from the knee to the ankle (from the inflamed nerve). By the weekend, I should be in good shape. See the doc again in 2 weeks.

I still walk like I'm 109, as I don't totally trust the strength of the leg yet, but it's getting better. All in all, it went well.

Not getting around to take too many photos these days, but I did walk out front (carefully) and take my Stella D'ore lilies and my Cone Flowers. They are all just beginning to bloom. Not too many Day  Lilies yet; I'm thinking it may be time to divide them. That's a chore I dislike.

Cool today, with thunderstorms coming, which is why I wanted to get some pics now. We had a really bad thunderstorm last week; such lightning strikes that the electrical things kept shutting off. Thank goodness for strong surge protectors!

Time for a nap. these pills make me sleepy!

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Beautiful flowers and wonderful news! I'm so happy you're felling better.


Thanks! I am better; I'm still waiting for the Tiger Lilies to bloom.

You'll be doing paw-stands and cartwheels next, Auntie!

Glad you're beginning to fee betterererer!..

Niece Maddie XXX

Couldn't do them even in my best of days!

Glad it's working Auntie and you will be back binkying soon.

PS Mum likes Echinacea (cone flowers) too, you seem to have alot in common.

Gardeners always have a lot in common! Never tried a binky; that could be fun.

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