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(no subject)

Well, I'm slated to go in for my spinal shop at 8:45 tomorrow morning. No eating or drinking after midnight, but thankfully, I can continue to take my pain pills.

I will receive a local, an IV and the shot. The shot will take from 3-5 days to take full effect, but I've got enough pain pills to cover the days, so that's o.k.

In the meantime, home improvements are still continuing. We repainted our kitchen a nice sunny butter yellow, so now, without the old porch roof, it always looks as though the ceiling lights are on. These pics don't do the room justice; I couldn't seem to get the brightness to register. But it's really, really sunny-looking. All the appliances have been with us a long while, just the paint (which really does have the color of good butter) and the curtains are new.

We recently switched our homeowners insurance because we found one with a nicely cheaper yearly price. They came and took photos of our wood burning stove and gave that a pass. The only drawback was that they insisted we take down the trampoline in the back yard. I guess they didn't want us geriatrics shuffling out there with our walkers and doing back flips. So, down it came. We bought it about 6 years ago for our grandson, when he was still living with us.

My last Clematis is full of blooms. When I'm more mobile (next week) I'll put up some pics of my Stella D'oro lilies and my Day Lilies and my Coneflowers, all of which are beginning to bloom.

Once again, I see that all the pics came out on top of the text, instead of where I wanted them to. Haven't a clue as to why this happens sometimes. Computers! :-p

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that's a nice, big treat preparation room, auntie, and what a huuuuuuge cooker and cold-carrot masheen!

Just the thing for buns (and 2-foots) who like to eat!

your kitchen looks very brightness and very beautiful.
our kitchen has almost twenty years, so, Mum and Dad think about renovation soon.
is it a cross stitch on your wall?
Good courage for tomorrow, and I send lots of great vibes.

A little new paint does wonders for an old room. Those are actually southwestern prints on my wall; I have several more throughout our house.

The shot went very well, now I am waiting for the results. No pain involved in the procedure at all. Your vibes really worked. Thanks!

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