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(no subject)

Two more days and then hopefully I'll be free of pain for the first time since Memorial Day!

My flowers are inbetween blooming right now, but here are my peonies when they were fresh, and the last one of my Clematis still flowering.
                        These red ones smell like cinnamon.
I was so pleased that all of the peony plants bloomed; sometimes, when you transplant a flower, it doesn't bloom for a year or so.
Many more of the buds are open now on this Clematis. I have one purple, one deep pink with white and this pink one.

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I like peonies, in fact we have bought yet another one to try and grow here. Don't have much luck with them tho.

I just poked mine in the ground. They like a lot of sun; don't know if the soil acidity has anything to do with it. In fact, when I dug them up last year. I didn't get all of the roots and some came back this year where they used to be. I dug them up again and moved them out front with the others.

I think they might be in the catagory of not-good-for-animals-to-eat, like rhododendrons and such. They look and smell great however.

I had peonies, but they never bloomed , the flowers remained closed . Then, Mum had removed it.


That's odd. The blooms always attract large ants (I think it's a liquid on the buds) which some people say helps them to open, but I think that's an old wives tale.

There is also a type of fungus in the dirt that causes the blossoms to not open and just brown up. Flower nursuries have a powder to apply to the new shoots that takes care of this.

My old peony plants, which bloomed while we were away during the early spring, had that problem. Since we were not home at the proper time to apply the powder, I just dug them out.
The peonies I have now bloom in late May/early June and don't seem to have this fungus. Maybe the change of soil helped.

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