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(no subject)

Now is a good time, while I am swacked out on my pain meds, to update my journal.

We've got our grandson again today while his Dad is job hunting. Louis is almost 13 and no problem to have around while I lay on the couch.

The porch is done! We have a lovely rainbow umbrella for shade; just need to purchase a table and 2 chairs. Right now, Ken is painting our grandson's room. 2 shades of blue with green accents. Blue is Louis' favorite color.

Here's the progression of the new back deck. Maybe in a week or so, I can sit on it!
The new color...

                                    Mr. Andy and Mr. Ken moving it into position......
Putting the railings on......
Painting the steps to the deck.....
How it looks altogether......
The craftsman enjoying the finished product!

Now it's time for another drug-induced nap. See you all soon!

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Nice, very nice!

You just let me know if you need some of my honey on toast Auntie.

I thank you for the offer; if only that would work. If the shot doesn't work, I may be taking wine on toast.

I like the colour, Auntie. I think I should be sitting on Mr Ken's knee though.

Sleep well and I hope your back is betterererer soon.

Niece Maddie XXX

You would look so good on Mr. Ken's knee. And we have lovely grasses for you to eat.

Two more days of pain, then I hope I will be free again. Cross your paws!

My pawses are crossed tightly, Auntie.

I thank you many times. ^_^

Take care! The deck look awesome!

I can't wait to get a table and chairs and an umbrella out there. Then, hopefully, I can sit on the deck!

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