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(no subject)

Hello all;

I am still hanging in there; I now have a patch to supplement the Percocet I was taking (which replaced the Vicodin, since that did not work after a few days.

The pain is most intense in late afternoon, but once I take a pill, in about 45 minutes, the pain will recede for a few hours. When it comes back, it's not so relentless, so I can sleep in stages during the day and at night. My brain is a bit fuzzy, but it's still working.

On Tues, I will go to a surgical center and get a spinal shot which, in the best of all scenarios, will stop the pain for a long time, 6 monthes or more. Then we can see if there is anything else we should consider.

My poor hubby is doing all the chores and picking up all the medicines, since I can't drive with these pills.

Meantime, I don't think I posted the pics of the making of our new deck. If I already did, chalk it up to medication fuzziness.

The deck as it was before refurbishing
A side view, with the door gone
The open look

                              Ken and Dan bringing the bbq down to the patio
Moving the deck away from the house so it can be repaired and painted

Next time I'm on, I'll show the deck as it looks now. I haven't uploaded those pics yet, and my attention span is short these days. Time for a nap,


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You have a very large hutch, Auntie. I espeshully like that 3rd photo because Mr Ken is smiling!!!!!!

Hope your back improves, Auntie.

Healing snuggleses,

Niece Maddie XXX

I can feel those snuggleses. They're warm and furry. ^_^

Oh exciting and look furward for the ta da reveal photos.

Feel better soon Auntie.

Bruno xx

Photos being posted today. Thanks for the good wishes, they really help.

I like it when dad tinkers, I am always near him,I search in his tools.
I like the renovations and change.
this seems like a good place to drink tea or carrot juice .
I look forward to seeing the finished work.
I send you big vibes, dear Auntie.


I'm showing off the finished product today. Your vibes are rocking me gently to sleep. ^_^

take care of yourself my friend!

I'm getting there; between the patch and the pill, I'm pleasantly zonked for several hours each day. Love you for caring. ^_^

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