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(no subject)

Well, ever since Memorial Day night, I have been dealing with the worst bout of sciatica I have ever had. There is no standin, no sitting, no walking and worst of all, no sleeping without PAIN!

I think, no lie, I have had a grand total of 5 hours sleep in the last 8 days.

I went to my doctor, because my over-the-counter pain pills did nothing. He sent me for x-rays and gave me a prescription for Vicodin. It was supposed to give 4 hours of relief, but I got 15 minutes, 1 hour, several times nothing at all, and once, 3 hours of respite.

Asked the doc for something stronger; he said double up on the pills, if that didn't work, go to the emergency room.

One trip to the ER and several hours later, I got an anti-inflammitory shot and a prescription for Valium. The shot was supposed to give me 6 hours of relief, but nooooooo.

Went to my chiropractor, who did a little ice packs; no adjusting because I had so much pain and he recommended an MRI.

Went back to my doctor to get a stronger prescription of Vicodin and a referrel for an MRI to be done on Saturday. The doc neglected to mention that i would need blood work for the MRI, so I will see him again tomorrow.

I also have an appointment with another doctor for another anti-inflammitory shot.

So far, I've taken one of the new pills and they seem to be better than the old. Perhaps I will be able to sleep tonight! Joy,Joy, Happy happy joy joy!

Haven't been doing anything but laying on the couch, getting up now and then so my whole body doesn't cramp up. Going upstairs was not an option; besides, my getting up all night long would not be good for Ken's sleep.

Watching lots of old dvds (there's never anything on t.v.) . Can't concentrate on reading right now.

So, this has been the home medical version of "ER", "House" and "Dr. Kildare" all rolled into one.

Now, I'll watch the Mets play another game, which should be good for my morale. :-p

Here's a few pics to brighten up a dismal post. Sorry to whine so much; I don't do pain very well, especially when it's 24/7

Hoping for a cheerier post next time. Love to all.
My Clematis are all blooming; this one has the most flowers right now.
Auntie Sue's African Violets, which just keep blooming and blooming for me.
A Wisteria tree on an amythest geode with a mud person on it. I bought it some years ago in Biloxi, Mississippi at a fair to raise money to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Now all the midwest is flooded from the MIssissippi River.

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Do you think they will put you to sleep?

They did and they do; the first sleep I've had lasting longer than 15 minutes at a time since Memorial Day. I sleep most of the day, trying to make up for the last 9 days.

My feeling is that most of us can put up with a lot in the short term, but when it's awful pain day in and day out, that's hard. I hope you get some relief soon.

Thank you so much; I have found blessed relief in the form of stronger Vicodin. Otherwise, I think I would have been pounding my head against the wall soon, and I have a fairly high pain threshold.

Ouch! I've had it a few times - including one spell when viewing this house before buying it. I had to crawl around it on my hands and knees because I couldn't stand up. The pain subsided after about a week (no treatment or painkillers - I don't take pills) and I hope yours will fade quickly with no recurrences.

I'm not one to take pills lightly either, but this pain was unstoppable and was rapidly wearing me down. Now, at least, I can sleep. I slept about 14 hours today and will sleep many more, I can feel it. I am exhausted. The pain feels as though someone were cutting you with a scapel with no anesthetic. Finally, I have gotten a break from the constant pain. It's not totally gone, but just below the threshold of sharp pain.

O, My poor friend! I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. Your senario sounds so much like Dawgs'. It is so very hard to be in pain and not find relief to even rest.

Sending prayers your way & Hugs!


*Remember when you feel really really bad.. there is somebunny thinking about you. :)

Thank you so much for your thougts and prayers. I have gotten a stronger pain pill and I slept most of today; I felt like Rip Van Winkle. And I can still fall asleep at the drop of a hat! Next comes an MRI and another muscle relaxant shot; then a consultation with a spine center. I have not got pain except for about an hour

before the Vicodin wears off. Hooray for pills!
I lost 6 pounds; pain pills kill your appetite, though I wouldn't recommend pain as a weight loss regimen.

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