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(no subject)

It's a fabulous Memorial Day weekend here; the unofficial start of Summer.

Sunny/cloudy skies and hot temperatures. Went to the garden store with a friend of mine and she bought these for her garden.....
The proud owner of all these things.
I know none of them are buns, but to make up for it, she has 3 buns in her backyard. We watched them run and chase each other and binkie around the garden.....
Taken from a little distance; she is in the veggie garden.
Complete relaxation.

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Lovely the first and last are my favourites. xx

I was so excited to see the buns again; since we cut our bushes down, they don't seem to come to our back yard anymore.

I especially like the bun laying flat out on the ground.

wonderful pics! Love the yard and the wild bunnies!

Yes, wild buns are special to see. The yard is my friends; I think she's emptied out the garden store!

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