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(no subject)

The same ones, growing in front of Andy's home.

Now I am going to relax and watch the final episode of Oprah! which I recorded on our new DVR.

We're going to have our grandson over for the weekend, so I don't know when I'll post again. Everyone have a lovely Memorial Day weekend.

This is the official opening of Summer! Yay!
Yesterday was the best weather day we've had so far!

I left the bedroom windows open wide all night for the first time. In the morning, it was warm enough to open all the house windows as soon as I got up. The temperature reached about 80 degrees.

Today, it was not so sunny, but warm and perfect weeding weather, which is what I did for several hours. Why are weeds so darned hardy and agressive?

But my flowers are worth it. Here's a some more of my beauties.....
My purple Iris bed....

                                          Mixed in with my yellow Iris bed......
One of the gorgeous striped Iris Andy allowed me to take from Sue's garden; this is the first year it's bloomed for me.