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(no subject)

Well, we have gotten the new rain gutters on our house, so now we are complete.

Ken is doing over the back deck; it had been up a long time and gotten wobbly. We will not put back the roof or the sides, but will have an open-air place to sit.

Today started off looking like rain, but by the afternoon, it was sunny and hot! So I took myself off to Merry and Ringo's house to schmooze with the buns and do a little yard work.

Merry and Ringo were glad to see me because I came supplied with dandelion leaves and grape leaves. They weren't motivated to play with me though; it was the time of day when they like to sit on their chairs under the table and veg out. Still, I managed to get a few new pics.....
Merry in her playroom....
Looking very dignified.
Ringo on his chair......
                                           Being curious.

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These are brillyant Auntie. Fanks. xx

You're welcome. I love to get cute pics of my grandbuns.

Very good Bunn Pics! I know nothing of roofs and such.. I leave that to our two-foot slave but I did hear about the roofing project! Some of those materials sounded right tasty!

Love, Mr Fritz

No, shingles are anything but tasty. They are made of a heavy material (I really don't know what) and are covered it tiny grit. Tar paper is not tasty either, just tarry.

Glad you liked my grandbuns.

I am very happy to see my friends from USA
they seems to have good time.


They love it when I bring them treats. And they love each other, so they are always having fun.

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