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The rain held off and we have now got our new roof. It's more grey than I thought it would be, but it's still a new roof.

For 3 days, we had the noise equivalent of a herd of tap-dancing elephants over our heads, as old shingles were literally shoveled off the house (3 old rooves worth) and tarpaper and new shingles were nail-gunned on. The air compresser that powered the nail guns was not exactly a quiet whisper either.

But now we're done, with no damage to our flowering bushes. I am very proud of the workers and of Ken. They gave the plant life maximum protection.

Here's the roof in progress......
The tenting of the house....
Ken made the table protector for the azaleas.

The view from behind the tarp; looks like we're living in an aquarium.
Shingles kept raining down from above.
Thank goodness for Ken's protector tables!
Putting on the tarpaper....
Almost done....
                               The finished product!

This roof comes with a 30 year guarantee, so I don't think we'll ever have to re-do it! Now we are just waiting for new gutters.

This promises to be a home-improvement year; we are painting the rooms inside and are totally re-doing the porch on the back. Good work!

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Hmmmm.... I've never bought a roof. Do you think I should?

It's an Ameribun thing. Our roofs are made to last a lifetime because they are made of slate or stone or concrete. A lot of theirs are made of wood.

They sound much tastier and chewier than mine. I'd like a wooden roof then I can buy a new one more often.

Not too often; the price is in the 4 figure range.

Planned obsolescence; although they do last 25-30 years. If you have a hurricane, do parts of your rooves ever fly off?

Only if the 2-foots inside have exceptionally bad wind.

You must monitor what they eat, so you do not have any calamities.

Nice roof Auntie, very important a nice roof over your head.

It does help to keep the rain off one. ^_^

Just back from a weeks birding in Extremadura (Spain), where the Conquistadors came originated. In previous trips I have seen 2-3 rollers, a beautiful crow sized bird - see picture http://www.superstock.co.uk/stock-photos-images/1566-0160039

Since my last visit the electricity company have stuck up loads of nest boxes on their pylons and I saw more than 25. The bird watching there in spring is simply breathtaking, some of the best in Europe.

What a gorgeous bird! They look as though they could glow in the dark.

It's wonderful that the electric company cares about the birds that way. You are so lucky to see all these lovely things.

Glad you're back; I wondered what happened to you.

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