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Our third son, Brian drove down from his home in Connecticut yesterday and he, us and Andy went out to dinner, to a place called Smokey Bones. There, we met, by surprise, our 4th son Dan and our daughter-in-law, Patty. We all had a good time talking and eating, in spite of the fact that the menus here all had the calorie counts on each entree also. :p

Then, today, I ate lunch out with a girlfriend and got to look at MORE calorie counts. I may have to give up eating altogether (or maybe just reading the menus).

After we ate, we went to a garden shop, where she bought a reclining blue frog for her garden and I bought this for mine!
Aren't they beautiful?
                                         (I meant the rabbits were beautiful, but these guys are, also). Brian, Ken and Andy

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Nice to see Mr. Andy - we miss hearing from him, Merry and Ringo.

One of these days he'll join us on broadband. He's still on Facebook and I'll post pics of Merry and Ringo when I can.

Mr Andy and Buncle Ken look very alike.

We miss hearing from Mr Andy, Merry and Ringo too.

When all our boys were little, everyone told me they looked alike. I could never see it, because I saw personalities as well as faces; I still have trouble seeing it. Mr. Brian looks very much like my side of the family. Mr. Dan a bit also. Mr. Andy and Mr. Kevin look more like their Dad.

pretty rabbit statue!
nice trio of boys! too!
I wait eagerly for news about Merry and Ringo and Buncle Andy


Thanks, glad you like my guys. We have 2 more but they were not around at that moment.

My rabbit statue looks so comfortable in amongst my flowers.

I will go and visit Merry and Ringo on Tuesday, when I will also work in Auntie Sue's garden. Mr. Andy is doing well; he's slightly overworked but otherwise good. He performs in plays with his friends, at a local art center.

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