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(no subject)

Spring is in full swing here, though some days it seems to be uncertain whether it's March or May.

Today brought lots of rain and one half of our new roof. That was laid on inbetween the rain. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we will get the second half. The color is called Old English Pewter, sort of a grey-blue. Since we have blue shutters, this seemed like a nice choice.

The wind and rain have taken all the blossoms off the crab-apple trees; they are drifted against the curbs like pink snow.

We ate out 2 times in the last 2 weeks and each restaurant had the calorie counts for all the items printed on their menus! Very sobering to look at. I'll have to cultivate selective vision when we eat out. That would not be very popular in the South, where they deep-fry everything. If you go to any of the state or county fairs, you can always find deep-fried oreos, or twinkies, or candy bars, or ice cream, or mac and cheese, all of them DEEP-FRIED!

I guess that's why we have so many diet plans and exercise clubs.

Even though it's been kind of rainy lately, I'm managing to get some garden work done. My flowers are blooming beautifully; it always seems that everything blooms when it's too rainy to go out and enjoy them.

Tomorrow, our 3rd son is coming from Connecticut for a visit and we will go out to dinner with him and Andy. I will studiously avoid the calorie count column.

We spent Monday and Tuesday in Atlantic City, New Jersey, enjoying our (free) room at one of the casinos and paying for it in their slot machines. But we liked getting away again. Once you start traveling, you want to keep doing it.

Here's some views of my flowers.....
One of my 3 Wisteria bushes in front of our house
I've got white and purple bushes
I rooted them all years ago from the monster, 2 story (and more) tall one that used to be in our backyard. It commandeered our old Oak tree
My front flower bed, with my Wood Hyacinths
I've got pink......                          
               and blue. The iris are all in bud and will be open in a few days. Then I'll show them off.

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But you go away for weeks at a time. How does your garden stay so nice?

Nothing really blooms until late April/early May. Over the years, I've made sure to plant only flowers that will bloom when we are home. The rest I gave away; many of them to Auntie Sue. Now I get to tend both our gardens. ^_^

I'd like to see a pic of your new roof. At this burrow there are big pieces of chewy wood and curvy tiles are nailed on so it's hard to imagine a roof as a complete unit.

Your flowers look yummy. Mummy thought they were bluebells but she hasn't a clue really!

When it is all done, I will take a pic of the front and the back. I won't be able to take the whole roof at once, because we have no huge trees that I can climb anymore.

I think that bluebells and wood hyacinths are all in the same family, the hyacinth family. (This info came from Freddie-Lop via a pic he sent me while we were away).

here it has not rained for a long time, fauna and flora begins to suffer from water scarcity.
our reserves of rainwater is almost empty, our veg garden will be able to suffer from no water .
there are several department (country) of France which are placed in water restriction (ban watering ...).
hay will be more expensive !
can you blow on your rain clouds to come over us ?
Your flowers are very beautiful.


I will do my best to send some rain your way. Here in the middle of the country, there is horrible flooding going on; the Mississippi River is overflowing it's banks again. Many homes have been inundated and farmlands ruined.

Last summer we had a dry one like yours; everyone's lawn turned to brown and we had to water a lot by hand to keep our flowers alive. It was very hot and dry for weeks on end. Hope this one is nicer.

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