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(no subject)

We have had broadband installed and have acheived maximum speed on the 'puter!

Unfortunately, I'm using the laptop for a few days while we have a virus pulled from our desktop 'puter. Picked up the virus from a devious e-mail and it has put all sorts of strange names in my contacts list, gumming up the works.

But, with the wireless router we now have, I can use the laptop anywhere I please, with ease.

We've been doing lots of home improvement since we returned from our trip. Painted the kitchen; planning on painting 2 more rooms; bought new curtains for 5 rooms and are working on picking ones for a sixth room. We lost a lot of shingles from the roof this winter; we need a new roof and are getting one next week. Since I have some large azaleas and a very large rhododendron in front of the house, we're thinking of how to protect them from the old shingles as they are shoveled off the roof. The roofers will also remove the Dish from our roof; we have to mail it and all the old equipment back to the Dish company, now that we've switched providers.

I'm doing a little in my garden each day, muscle aches permitting and I'm also going over to Sue's garden once a week to try and keep her flowers in shape. Good thing I love puttering in the dirt!

Here's some more pics of the lovely blossoms.....
Not a blossom, actually, but our son and daughter-in-laws cat, Jilly, at Easter. She looks a lot like my old cat, Molly.
The Weeping Cherry in our backyard. No cherries, just blossoms.
One of our 4 Redbuds; I rooted them all from the parent one, which is about 35 years old now. The blossoms last a short while, but are so lovely while they are there.

                                           A new addition to my garden.

These last photos are some of Sue's favorite daffodills.....

I think this one's particularly beautiful.
Looks more like a rose than a daffodill. 

That's all for today; time to kick back with a cup of coffee and read the paper.


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I always love to see your pictures

Thank you, I try to post some interesting ones.

Jilly looks very happy and your flowers are beautiful

Why not cover your plants using big canes and sheets or cardboard to make a tent type thing to protect them from the shingles ? it might work.


Jilly is a spoiled cat and very sweet. I'm glad you like my flowers; they give me lots of pleasure.

The roofers have promised to try to protect our plants and my hubby has promised to try. I'll take pictures of the process. If it isn't raining, the roof will be done on Wednesday.

you seem to have a lot of work.
2foots forever run,ME ... I eat and I sleep and I have fun, but I never work !
Mum and Dad began to renovate the rooms in the house, but they will not have nearly finished .They almost finish the friend's room.


2-foots always seem to have something that needs doing. That's why we have to make ourselves sit back and relax every once in a while.

Buns, on the other hand, were born to eat and binkie and sleep. Sounds like you're doing well in all three catagories. ^_^

The coffee or the flowers?

I don't suppose Auntie Sue would mind if you ate her flowers; she loved to give Merry and Ringo treats.

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