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(no subject)

Ringo Starr......
                                and Merridoe Brandybuck.

These are the pics I tried to upload before; all I got then was a pic of a cartoon sheep telling me the page could not be found. I don't know if running my Norton made the difference, or if it was just a ghost in the machine. Just glad it still works. *_*

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Always good to see my old friends

They are doing great; they get to eat more snacks so they can keep up their weight.

I got broadband! I can navigate the net with ease!

You will love all the things you can do with broadband

I do, I can watch all the bun videos with ease now. But I think I have to take my pc to the repairman and give him lots of gold tokens to get rid of a pesky virus.

I love Ziggy rabbit cartoons! Waving at Ringo and Merry!

I always keep an eye out for anything to do with buns. If I'd had my camera with me last night, I could have caught the Playboy bunny on a truck full of Playboy bunny energy drinks!

*waves as well* Hello Merry and Ringo.

Merry and Ringo wave back to everyone.

I'm happy to see you again , it's good to see my friends.


We all love to see our friends. It's so good to hear from you, too, Scotty

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