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(no subject)
The weather here has been so great, I've been gardening to the point of exhaustion. But I love it.  All my steadfast and perennial flowers are blooming. I never plant anything unless it's going to come back next year for me.

The pollen is still all through the air and allergies are in full swing. Everyone's car has an overlay of lime green. Very attractive.

I'm taking one day a week to work in Sue's garden also. She loved her flowers so and I don't want to see them disappear. Andy has no time and no inclination to putter amongst the weeds.

The days are nice enough to have the windows open and have all the Spring air come inside. Then, around 3, it gets cool and they all get shut up again.Soon, though, they'll be open night and day. ^_^

Here's a recent pic of my grandbuns. I know that Mr. Andy has just as much trouble as I in getting online; wanted to add their faces to the list of buns who are still around.

OK; I can't seem to upload any pics. I think I have been invaded by a sneaky little virus. I'm going to post this and then run my Norton. Strange little things have been going on of late in my p.c. >-(