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Aquarium pyramidRainforest pyramidDiscovery pyramidUSS Texas from top of monumentbayous from monumentSan Jacinto MonumentStar on top
Yesterday, we went to Moody Gardens on Galveston Island, a collection of 3 large pyramids on the Bay. The blue one is the Aquarium, the pink one is the Discovery, and the white one is the Rainforest one, which was closed for renovation. In 2008, when Hurricane Ike came across the Island, there was 14 feet of water in the parking lot of the Gardens. Cars floated away and the supports of the Rainforest pyramid shifted, causing a lot of damage. All the animals in the rainforest had to be relocated until it was repaired. We saw some lovely fish and sea creatures in the Aquarium and a really interesting exhibit about the immigrants who've come to Texas over the years in the Discovery pyramid. Saw a 3-D Imax film, also: "A Trip Through Time in New York". It was old and new shots of N.Y.  I knew it was made before 2001, because the Twin Towers were shown, but when Broadway was shown, with some of the (then) current plays, I realized the movie was at least 15 years old. Then we drove to the San Jacinto Texas Revolution Monument. It was raining, but we had fun anyway. The monument is 580 feet high, with a 5 ton 5-sided Texas star on top. There's a fine museum in the base. We wanted to see a Railroad Museum in town, but it was still closed because of H. Ike. People on Segways and Ken by the Gulf on Galveston Island

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Lots of cool stuff!

Those Segways always look weird though.

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