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Sue's memorial cherry tree is blooming!

After the HOT, ARID summer we had last year, when Ken and I poured gallons of water twice a day on her tree and brought it back from the brink of dying, I didn't think it would have strength to make blooms this year. After all, it had to grow an entire new set of leaves last year. But I rode by the park today and it had bloomed!

You can't see a lot of the blossoms yet, but there are many more waiting to open
It's a double cherry; I'm so happy that it bloomed!

The baby shower yesterday was fun; at least for the first 3 hours. Those things always last about an hour too long. I had a good friend to chat with; the food was very nice (cannoli cake) and the baby gifts were cute.

I didn't win a prize playing "Baby Bingo" or playing "Baby Shower Guessing Game", but I did win these tulips for being one of 3 women with the most children. (We each had 4). I planted the flowers in my garden today.
Not bad for spending 4 hours in a room with 48 women all talking at once, eh?

In a few weeks, we are switching to a t.v. system that will bundle the phone, t.v. and computer into one package, so we will have BROADBAND! No more reading a book while I wait for sites to load. I'm excited; hope it isn't too technologically challenging for this sometimes challenged person. ^_~  I will let you know!

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Auntie Sue's tree looks lurvely.


I was so happy that it survived and that it bloomed!

BroadBand. That's a type pf derby isn't it?


It will keep us from gnashing our teeth and kicking the 'puter every time we try to log on.

Thanks. It's really special to me, being for Sue and all. And my friend of many years, a nun, blessed it when it was planted.

I like to think Sue sees it somehow. I know that her garden looks as good as it has these last 2 years because Sue is literally in her flowers. She wanted to be scattered in her garden and she was.

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