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(no subject)

I'm going to post the last of my vacation pics tonight.
We've been home for 2 weeks and have been really busy. I've just about got our house cleaned back into shape again. In a week or so, I'll start on the r.v.  I need to get into all the cabinets and spruce it up for September.

The weather has been so nice; I've been getting a lot of work done in my garden. Each year I get a lot of "volunteer" plants, mostly grape hyacinths and violets. I walk all around the front and back yards and dig up all the wandering flowers so I can put them where I want them.

I think all that snow that Long Island had during the Winter was very good for the flowers and trees. All the blooming things are just fabulous this Spring.

From time to time, I put in some work on Sue's gardens also. Her flowers are also exceptional this year.

Tomorrow I have a baby shower to go to; a cousin's first grandchild, which will be a girl, giving me (mother of 4 boys) a lovely chance to buy some little girl things. The shower is being held in the same restaurant that the wedding shower was held in, so I know tha food will be good. On the down side, we have to play shower games, which can be a little silly. *-*

Here's the last away pics; from now on, they will be at-home until  n
The House That We Built.(No one can get close any more; you must write to your Senator 6 months in advance if you want a tour.
The Iwo Jima Monument
tI've been to D.C. 4 times and have yet to go up in this. They give out 1000 tickets a day, starting at 8 a.m. Never made it yet.
Segway people rule!
                                         The main Smithsonian Museum building; the museums are placed all over the Mall.
Inside the butterfly room in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The lady said it the butterfly felt soft.
The original Ruby Slippers!
The original Kermit the Frog from the Muppets. ^_^
Her whole kitchen was donated to the museum!
Here's where all the good food was cooked!
I thought this was cute, expecially since my roots are partly in Newfoundland.
Since it rained the last day in D.C. we spent the whole day in the Museum of American History, hence all the above photos.

Our last campground coming home was in New Jersey, where we saw this Bar-Headed Goose.......
and this Tom Turkey, who strutted all over the campground. (People feed the birds here).

Okay, that's the end of the travel pics. Tune in in a day or so for some home town photos. ^_^

Thanks for sharing our trip with me.

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What a wonderful trip we had! Thanks for taking us all along! It was awesome!


You are most welcome. I hope your own trip is just as fantastic. Post some pics! Huge, N

I'm looking forward to the next one!

Me, too. Would you believe my hubby has it all mapped out already? Guess he's still ready to roll.

Well, we always do Florida; that's a given, given that my hubby hates winter. That was the reason we bought the r.v. He wanted to move to FL and I would just as soon live in h#@%. So we compromised on the r.v.

Then, we will go out West again; hopefully to Texas and Nevada and New Mexice and Arizona and wherever else we can reach.

PLUS, we won't spend our usual 2 weeks at Montauk Point next Fall. Instead, we'll head up to the New England states, which we've tented in, but never taken the r.v. to. Since I am NOT a beach person, this makes me happy!

Have you ever been across to Oregon and explored the rivers and mountains? My pet 2-foots once did that and then drove down the pacific highway all the way down to LA

We've been to Oregon and walked part of the coastline, among the seastacks. Ken is not keen on driving the r.v. on along the winding roads of the coast. He also does not want to face the traffic of L.A.

Some day I hope to convince him to go to Southern CA and see the giant redwoods.

I'm sorry it's come to an end! Thank you for sharing.

We have an American Museum near Bath in Somerset. It's in a beautiful old house and has some fancy stuff in it. Been years since Mum went, I might have to send her again sometime. http://www.americanmuseum.org/default.cfm/loadindex.4

Bruno x

That museum looks fascinating. If I'm ever lucky enough to find myself in England again, I will make it a point to visit there.

I'm glad you enjoyed our trip. Stay tuned for the next one, next year. (We are going West again) Yaaaayyy!

P.S. I watched the Wedding and I loved it!

Mum and Dad also watched the Wedding, it was a very good time ,they were very pleased to see the joy of 2foots at the other side of the tunnel.
Mum Dad and me send vibes of love for them.


It was very lovely to see; all the pageantry is fun. The Queen looked happy; she is probably crossing her fingers that this marraige lasts.

I loved the way the newlyweds rode all around the town in their carraige so the people could see them.

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