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(no subject)

The weather reports keep saying all day rain, but we keep getting sun with morning and evening fog. 
This is great for me; I've been doing a lot of gardening, moving all the volunteer plants to the places i want them to be in and trying to keep ahead of the weeds.

My aim is to replace all the grass little by little with flowers that will spread and take over. I'm making some headway with my grape hyacinths and violets and marsh marigolds.

And Sue's garden is doing the best I've ever seen; must have been all that wet snow this past Winter.

After my disastrous end-of-January haircut, my hair has finallly grown long enough for a rather short perm; maybe in another month I will once again look the way I want to look. When you travel, you take your chances in unknown beauty parlors.

I think I have about 3 more days of our vacation pics on hand, then it will be at-home photos once more. Here goes......
This is view of the World War 2 Memorial......left side.....
                         and right side
There is a big curving wall filled with the 4,048 stars
The facade of the Museum of the American Indian
A statue outside the museum
The Jefferson Memorial, one of the  most graceful of the monuments
The Eternal Flame at John Kennedy's grave in Arlington National Cemetary.
Jackie's grave is next to John's and they are bracketed by the graves of their stillborn daughter and their son who only lived 2 days.
A view of part of Arlington; there are roughly 340,000 buried here


The placing of a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier;these soldiers, when they walk, seem to glide; nothing moves but their feet.
There are 3 unknown bodies in the Tomb; one from WW1,WW2 and the Korean War. There was a body from the Vietnam War, but DNA allowed him to be identified, and his family had him reburied. There will be no more unknowns.

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anty, yoo must nevva taike chanssiz in byootie parlers - orlways choos the best wair yoo no they will keep yoo lucking byootiefull. you nevva no wen the papperatsy mite be wonting to taike photos of yoo!

una xxx

When I travel, I have to take my chances; it's like buying a pig in a poke. Now that I'm home, I've had my regular beauty person curl my hair, but it's still really short. In a month, I'll look like me again. Then I'll alert the papparazzi.^_~

very moving pics! Thanks for sharing.

Hugs, D

I'm glad you like them. I am deciding whether or not to post the rest; now that I'm home, I think people might be getting tired of vacation pics. Hugs to you, also. N.

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