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I hope everyone had a nice Easter. We had a wonderful day; it was supposed to rain all day, but we had the best weather day anyone could hope for.

Ate some good food, and too much of it and had a relaxing day with all of our family.

Today, also supposed to be rainy, was another sunny and warm day. I got a lot of gardening done, transplanting all my volunteer flowers and weeding out the grass. I'm encouraging certain of my flowers to spread out and take over the lawn.

I'm coming to the end of my vacation pics; all the ones left are from D.C. Although I've pared down my list, I still have too many to post all on one day.  All of D.C. was so photogenic, I just kept snapping away.

I'll post a few tonight and more to come.

Tomorrow, I have to take myself down to the Motor Vehicle Department to renew my car's registration, which expires April 30th. No time to do it by mail. On the plus side, there are new license plates this year, with the very old New York colors of black and gold. Unbelievably, we are not being forced to buy them at an extra cost of $25; it is a CHOICE! It's rare that our money is not taken without any agreement on our part.Yaaaaaay!

Here's some of D.C. Hope they please.......
Lincoln Memorial
Korean War Memorial: 19 larger than life figures of stainless steel, representing a platoon on patrol.....
Faces of actual soldiers, wives, doctors are etched in the wall , which also reflects the statues, making 38 figures, representing the 38th Parallel of the 2 Koreas.
                             A statue for the Vietnam War Memorial
The VIetnam Wall; we saw the traveling wall last October near where we live.
The nurses monument at the Vietnam Memorial. There is an exact replica of this at the Vietnam Memorial in New Jersey, which we have also seen.


It's getting late and it's time to stop. More tomorrow. Buenos Noches.

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great Pics! I so enjoy them!


Just a few more days of vacation pics, then it's back to normal life!

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