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(no subject)

It's a soggy, rainy day today, the day before Easter, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow also.

But we will be spending the day with family, so who cares if it rains? Plus, I won't be cooking dinner!

I've got 2 pink hyacinths to take as an Easter gift and I will be coming home with my african violets that my son and daughter-in-law have been plant-sitting for the last 3 months.

I'm using my laptop for a few more days, so I can post the last of my vacation pics. Then I will shut it down until we travel again and go back to using our older, desk-top, dial-up computer. We're thinking of changing to broadband......

Here's the Virginia camp we stayed in while we saw D.C. It was about an hour out of the capitol.....

We came when the ground was covered with flowers; these were called Spring Beauty, Speedwell, I think.
Looks like snow, but it's all Spring Beauty
People ride into the campground just to see the bluebells
The woods were a carpet of bluebells
Manassas Battlefield (1st Battle of Bull Run; 2nd Battle of Bull Run was nearby...
Eastern Bluebirds were all through the grass
The battle was fought all around this farmhouse; the woman living there refused to leave her home and was killed in the shelling
Ken with one of the Rebel cannons. The rebels won both of the Bull Run Battles, but lost the war
This stone house, now across the road that wasn't there during the Civil War, was used as a hospital for the wounded

We flew back to the camp ahead of a rain storm and spent the night listening to the rain and playing cards.

All that's left are my D.C. pics, which I'll post in the coming days. Happy Easter, all!

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We have had broadband for years, it comes free with our landline. I don't know how you manage with dial up!

Let me tell ya, it ain't easy! We are thinking of combining our t.v., puter and phone all in one, but it ain't free! :p

I have to say Auntie your Bluebells don't look nuffin like ours.

Do yours look more like Texas Bluebonnets? Send me a pic. But the sight of fields of flowers was really gorgeous.

I can see that they are different flowers; sometimes people give flowers a name that doesn't really apply.

The pic you sent me looks like what we call Wood Hyacinths (I note that the Bluebell is in the Hyacinth family). I have Wood Hyacinths in pink, blue and white; they were brought to me by the birds.

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