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(no subject)

Well. we're home again and unpacked and freshly laundered.

We left our VA camp by the back entrance, since the front one was flooded by the rain and the tornado watch of the night before. Exited by the shooting range gate. (We actually took a wrong turn into the shooting range; very noisy).

We seem to live in a black hole as far as computer reception goes; so sometimes my posts will be spotty.

For the moment,  I am in good shape, so I'll attempt to post my pics of Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello. I was last there as a teenager; it's just recently been refurbished and it was lovely.

Ken and Tom
                            Tom had extensive veggie gardens; the veggies are given to the gardeners today
One of the 200 year old Linden trees on the lawn
The house from the back; as seen on the nickle
A view thru some of the original window glass; all wavy lines
The cemetary gatesTom's grave
The park is run as a private enterprise; the cemetary is still in use by the family
This was the most amazing thing; if you stepped on the bronze words in the circles ( religion, science, country, etc. holographic words went swirling around the circle and swept up onto the board facing the circle, letters going up one by one and resolving themselves into Tom;s views on that subject. The white words are the moving ones....
This is how the words from one statement presented themselves. What a great toy that was!

Well, I've outlasted the reception gremlins for today. Tomorrow, we have our grandson, Louis, for the day, so I may not have the patience later on to get anything done. Bon Nuit!

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thanks for sharing all the great pics! Enjoy Louis!

Hare Hugs!

I was so happy to include you in our trip. We had a great day with Louis; board games and outdoor games. (I'm tired now).

I have managed to transfer my facebook account to my home pc. Once I've finished posting the rest of my vacation pics, I will shut down the laptop until we travel again.

Happy Easter to you and all your family! Hugs!

thank you for this wonderful trip, Auntie.
Happy Easter to you and your family.


You're most welcome. I will continue to post the rest of my pics and new ones from home as the days go on.

A very Happy Easter to you, Scotty and all of your family. Keep your spirits up and be happy. XXX Nancy

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