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(no subject)

beautiful sunset in N.C.

All through the Carolinas and Virginia, the redbuds grow en masse along the roads
The stream in our camp in VA before the rain.......
and after the rain

                               A little bunny in our VA camp
We have left D.C. and are now in New Jersey, halfway to our Long Island home.

The last 2 days in the Capitol were very different. Friday we had a nice warm sunny day, so we did some more outdoor sightseeing and then we saw the Museum of Natural History. Always a fascinating place; gems, minerals, bones, fossils, stuffed mammals and numerous other things. We ate lunch in 4 different museums during our visit, and let me tell you, there are no cheap meals in D.C.!

Saturday, it rained hard for a while, then rained less. No sun and it was cool. We spent the entire day in the Museum of American History. So many fabulous exhibits you could spend a week there and not see everything. Since it was a weekend and was raining, it was pretty crowded also.

When we get home tomorrow, it will be unpacking, unloading laundry to be washed, unloading the food we're carrying and all that jazz! Not my favorite moments.

I'm going to save all the Monticello and D.C. pics till I'm home and have time to catch up. Today, I'll just post some pretty stand-alone pics.

Thanks for following and enjoying our journey with us! ^_^
At the Virginia welcome center


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You must tell me all about your FL trip when it happens.

I don't get to post as often as I'd like when we're home because we live in a black hole as far as reception on the computer is concerned. Makes me crazy!

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