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(no subject)

We have been riding the tourbuses and walking all over Washington, D.C. for the last 2 days and we plan to do it for 2 more. This is the end of our sight-seeing; after Saturday it is all just making our way home.

I still have enough pictures piled up and waiting to be posted that I will be busy for some days after we are home.

Yesterday in D.C. was cold and cloudy at first, but it got a bit warmer as the day went on and the sun actually came out as we were driving home!

Today was a hot and sunny day. We took advantage of it by seeing all of the outdoor things we didn't see yet.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny but COLD and Saturday is supposed to be cold and rainy. So I guess that those days will be devoted to seeing the insides of the many museums in D.C.

These are the friends we visited in North Carolina. We met them (including the animals) on our 2003 Alaska trip. They are true people of the land, growing and canning and preserving almost all the food they eat, except their meat. (Although Rich does hunt sometimes).



                      and 2 bunny friends....

Till tomorrow....Happy Trails!

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You're inspiring me to travel more, auntie. I need to get out more in my Dame-Mobile...

I agree, especially now that the weather is so nice.

I love all these picture posts! I feel like I've been somewhere!

THANKS for taking us all along!!

Love, hare

You're welcome! We're not quite done yet; I have all of my D.C. pics to post.

This is the end of your sight-seeing ,but it's good to go back burrow,isn't it.
thanks for all the beautiful pictures.


You are welcome also. I loved taking everyone along with us. I still have a good amount of pics awaiting posting. Stay tuned. ^_^

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