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Like the Hawaiian's, Cherokees put their own language, as well as the English language, on their street signs
In N.C., as in so many states, including upstate N.Y. old buildings never die, they just fade away.....

Sometimes, a tree helps them on their way.

(Once again, my pics have leaped to the top of the page. I don't know why they do that)!

Yesterday was a glorious day, 80+ degrees and sunny. Thank goodness for that, because we toured Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello and a good deal of it is outdoors.

Took the house tour first; no pics allowed inside. We had a funny guide who told us lots of information about TJ and his family and his life there.

Then we took the garden tour with a very in-depth guide. So many varieties of veggies and herbs and flowers are grown there. All the tulips were in bloom, loads of different shapes and colors.

We walked to the cemetary where TJ and his descendants are buried. The whole area is a privately owned and operated (TJ's descendants) place.

Walked to the slave cemetary where there are no markers at all, although over 40 people are buried there.

Not wanting to cook after our day of driving and sight-seeing, we took ourselves out to dinner at a Cracker Barrel; good homestyle food. 

I'm always behind in my pics lately; what you see is what we did several days ago. At this rate, I'll still be posting vacation pics when we get home! Cie la vie!

The river in our North Carolina camp
This little man watches the garden
The camp, like many others, used to be a farm
These little dogs got a daily ride around camp with their Mom, barking all the way
We went to the casino in N.C. which is on Cherokee land
A couple of friends in the town of Cherokee
The Corn Maiden in front of the casino of the Eastern Band of Cherokee. (We've visited both the Eastern and Western Bands.

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Hey Kitty!

Great pics! Always interesting!

Have fun . Stay safe!

We are touring D.C. now and having a lot of fun!

Good stuff! A lot of young woodland around that skeletal house. Is that typical of that area, i.e. large areas turning back to wwodland? Good bird in our area aty the moment, the hoopoe. See http://www.dungenessbirdobs.org.uk/lateframe.html

It is a southern European species and everyso often one over shoots, but sadly they don't breed with us

Yes, I guess it is more trouble and expense than it is worth in some areas to tear down an old building; instead, it returns to the earth.

What a fantastic bird! He's mentioned quite a bit in James Michener's "The Source".

You get to see some wonderful birds! I'm jealous.

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