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(no subject)

It's later at night and I guess everyone has signed off the ethernet, because I was able to send some e-mails and attach pics to them. When we have poor reception, I can't attach any pics!

It's cooled down here from 82 to 64, and it will drop more before morning. This is the first camp where we have NO t.v. reception, not even PBS, the usual standby.

Going to put up some more pics while I have the chance......
There was a nice collection of old riding toys for children in the Wheels Thru Time museum....
Little girls of old rode motorbikes too
Love to try getting on one of these!
Up, up and awaaaaay!
I remember when rides like this, and horse rides, too, were outside stores and cost a quarter to ride them

A restaurant in Maggie Valley; unfortunately, closed till Spring
Bought myself a pair of blue moccasins in the town of Cherokee, on the Cherokee Indian Reservation
A beautiful butterfly (Mourning Cloak)? in the grass in camp
Ken on the deck overlooking the river in camp in N.C.
River was just stocked with trout; people were in there catching
Ken and a couple from Arizona helping a man from Indiana move his bbq off his rig. He was there for a bbq cookoff contest.