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(no subject)

This is one of those old music boxes with the huge metal playing cards. Fascinating!

Some stylish motorbike wear!

This is my street racer.

                                      This is a great mode of transportation!

This was known as the Grey Ghost.

Today, we rode out of North Carolina, had lunch in the Virginia welcome center and drove on to another camp in Tennessee. It's hot, over 80 outside. Lots more pollen too, which means some more sneezing and coughing. (Hack, hack).

We spent a really nice day with our met-on-the-Alaska-trip friends in Franklin, N.C. They have a lovely house, a dog (Sadie) and a cat (Fred) and many gorgeous flowers on their land. It's in a rural corner of northwestern N.C. and quite beautiful.

We had a homecooked lunch (this couple, both in their 80's, grow and can and preserve everything they eat except the meat and the ice cream), toured the countryside and played games on the porch. A fun day.

Now, since the government has not yet shut down, we will go to visit Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, tomorrow. Then it will be on to D.C.and all the monuments.

Here's some of the neat things we saw in the Wheels Through Time museum.....

My Honey with a Harley

Well. where we are has absolutely NO t.v. reception and very SLOW laptop reception, so I am  going to sign off and maybe try some later. We're going out to eat after our long trek. Later.