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(no subject)

Today is a very nice day here in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

It's been cloudy and sunny; cloudy and sunny; cl......but no rain, which is the important thing.

After doing some laundry, we rode into the small town of M.V. and went to the Wheels Through Time, A Museum That Runs, where we saw hundreds of old motorbikes (mostly Indians and Harleys) and quite a few vintage cars.

The guys that run the museum were featured on the Histore Channel a while ago and they ran the cd for us.

Besides the cars and bikes they had some really nice massive carved furniture around to sit upon and one of those old music boxes with the large circular metal punch cards for playing different tunes.

Then we took ourselves to one of the few open eateries (it's still early in the season here), the local home-cookery restaurant. Had comfort food; soup and a grilled cheese. ^_^

Now we are sitting in the sun (and occasional clouds) and relaxing. Tomorrow we'll see some friends and then on Sunday we'll be on part of our way to Washington D.C., if it's still open after midnight tonight!

I guess if it's closed, we'll wander around the Mall, unless they cordon it off and don't let anyone near the monuments. We hope to see Monticello also, if it's open.......

Want to show you some pics from the Arboretum in Cary, N.C. Such lovely plantings there.
Ken posing by a large metal leaf
A white Wisteria bush; is that not gorgeous?

The wind indicator on top of the bathrooms
The above-mentioned bees
The purple section of the pansies, waiting to be planted in different spots
A purple Wisteria bush; notice how it's made a loop of 2 of it's branches at the bottom
Some redbuds and dogwoods on the road.

We're expecting some rain tomorrow; hope not, as we have about an hour's drive to our friends. Lots of Grackles in this camp, and swallows .