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(no subject)

Oops; this is my great-niece Emily.
Uss N.C.

                   A plane on its deck
Passed this on the road; wonder how they find the thugs?
Our camp on the lake in the aptly named Midway, N.C.
the lake!Duke Chapel in Duke UniversityLooking down the naveOne of the brilliant stained glass windows in the chapel
One of the fountains in Duke Gardens
The Wisteria Gazebo, not as lush as it could be due to the harsh winter
Looking up at the gazebo roof.
Wisteria as it grows wild on the trees
A Chinese Goose at Lake Johnson, N.C.

We're in Maggie Valley, North Carolina for a few days. Going to see some friends, visit the Cherokee casino and see a museum in the Valley.  

Today is hot (surprise, surprise) about 80+. The nights, though, go to freezing or below. We have to unhook the water hose at night to prevent our line freezing.

On our way here, we ran into a huge traffic jam, bumper to bumper. As luck would have it, we were able to turn into the U.S.S. North Carolina Battleshiip Memorial and have lunch. Since it was cold and rainy and we actually toured the memorial last year, we didn't get out of the r.v.

Our camp was nice, right on a lake. Almost no one else was there, since it's still early in the year for a lot of the campgrounds.

Saw the Sarah B. Duke Gardens in Duke University again; there, everything was blooming. That garden is a marvel; terraces and ponds and great lawns. Many flowering trees, also.

Tomorrow we'll go further into the mountains to visit some old friends. Right now, we're relaxing in the sun and breathing in the odor of cow manure and new-cut trees. This is a big logging area; got some cows also.

I've been trying to keep up with Facebook as well as LiveJournal, but I confess, I don't seem to be able to locate my face book page. I can find my friends, I'm just not sure how to find my page! Facebook challenged!  X_x