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Inside the fortParade GroundsThe front gate
Bunnies in my girlfriends garden
How to walk your dog when it's cold out
The artist scanned the image of the Mona Lisa, digitally matched the colors to over 3000 spools of Coats and Clarks thread and strung the spools on wire. It's upside down because.....you look thru a sphereOne of the many interesting exhibits
Many businesses around the country have roads named after them.Hungry, anyone?
A very nice bird cabin in camp
A cartoon I put in our r.v. kitchen many years ago
A happy camper birdhouse!

It took me 3 tries over 6 hours to get this posted! Never stay in the boonies!

Beach in Winterville, N.C.

The 3 of us by Fort Macon

We're still in North Carolina today, though we've moved into the center of the state, closer to the mountains. Tomorrow, we'll move higher and probably find some cooler weather.

Spent 2 days with Ken's cousin and her hubby in Winterville. The first day was cool, but after a night of torrential rain, we had a sunny and much warmer day. Went to Fort Macon and ate out in some delicious restaurants.

The next 2 days we spent with old friends who used to live on Long Island. We had good weather; went to the local Arboretum and the Cary Art Museum. Next day, we went to Duke Gardens and Duke Chapel, both on the grounds of Duke University in Cary. Saw some fabulous flower plantings.

That night, we were part of an Italian family Sunday get-together, something which involves mega family and mega food. Lots of fun.

Later, after we were home in the r.v., we were treated to torrential rain again and some really strong winds. I'm not too keen on the motor home swaying back and forth while I'm in it!

Here, it is very pretty; we're on a lake, but it's a good deal cooler and somewhat windy. The further north we go, the cooler it gets. *sigh*

Here's some more travel pics. Only have a few weeks left in our journey!


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I so enjoy your trip pics and comments! Someday, I'd like to pack up the bunns and just ravel to see all my friends!

Hugs, Hare

How are buns at traveling? Any special steps you have to take to keep them safe and happy?

lurvin' those nest boxes Auntie.

Are they not cool? There was another one in the shape of a rusty tin man, but I couldn't get a photo.

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