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Well, we went through South Carolina, with it's torrential rain and it's tons of pollen making us sneeze and cough. We had one cool day (shorts and summer tops are definitely a thing of the past) visiting with Ken's cousins; caught up with each others' lives and ate out a lot. Had a cool but sunny day with the same couple next day; we visited Fort Macon, a fort used during the Civil War, WW1 and WW2; state and federal pen for a while and now a state park.

We've moved a few hours further north into North Carolina and will see a couple we knew in New York some years ago. They had 5 boys, we had 4 and they all used to be pals.

It's cold at night every night now; ever since we left Florida. We keep that old ceramic heater running night and day. A foretaste of what's awaiting us back in New York.

Still have about 2 weeks left in our trip; we will be seeing some more fun things yet.

Here's some pics from South Carolina......

The redbuds are in bloom all along the roads; they grow wild everywhere
A Cardinal in the campground
Myrtle Beach. S. Carolina
Ken and the condos on the beach
One of the old CCC shelters in the campground
My newest Monopoly game.....all ice-creamed themed!
You don't know if it's good until you try it.......
We took a walk through the swamp; the boardwalk rested right on the water
This is a Gannett; they only come ashore to breed. Dives into the water for food; lovely large bird.
This is what they look like; it's hard to get a good photo because they stay so far off shore
The Northern Yellow-Shafted Flicker in the campground; this bird was in our back yard years ago and was the bird which started me birding.

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B went to see a rock band the other week and behind them they had a screen showing a film of sea birds - at one point large numbers of gannetsdiving into the sea after fish - birds hitting the water almost in time to the beat. Spectacular!

They are very impressive birds. What a treat that must have been.

Ice-Cream-opoly - mmmmmmm, that sounds yummy...

The board is all filled with ice-cream references. For someone like me who considers ice cream one of the major food groups, it's fun!

wonderful pis as always. Hope you find some warm weather somewhere.

We had a really warm (80 degree) day yesterday in Cary, N.C. But today, torrential rain in the night and the morn. We're up into the mountains of N.C. now, so it's a lot cooler again. Sunny, though. ^_^

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