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(no subject)

Seems as though we left all the Summer weather in Florida. Since we entered Georgia and now, South Carolina, the days have been cool and the nights downright cold.

The last 2 days in S.C. we had really hard rain and we switched back to winter clothes. Our heater runs all night; last night it was 38 outside!

Saw a really good nature show in the Swamp; a man showed off his snakes and gators and let everyone touch them. He talked about how best to treat animals in the wild.

Pogo, for those who remember, was a comic strip of some decades ago; the little possum and his Okeefenokee Swamp friends were great environmentalists. One of his best-remembered quotes about the trashing of the environment was "We have met the enemy and he is us".

Got to visit my niece and her children in Goose Creek. My nephew is currently in Maryland settling into a new job and looking for a house for his family to move into. Had a wonderful visit chatting with the kids; they are so bright I am amazed. Gives me hope for the future. ^_^

the snake man with a gorgeous specimen.
A 2-year old baby gator....
and the lovely pink inside of a gators' mouth
Pogo, the wise possum from the Okeefenokee Swamp
There was a little museum in the Park dedicated to Walt Kelly, Pogo's creator, showcasing a lot of the old comic strips.
This was part of our camp outside of Charleston, South Carolina. "Gunsmoke" is everywhere !
Yet another endangered species, the pay phone. So many people have cell phones today that many campgrounds no longer offer pay phones; too much maintainance and other fees.
My niece and nephews' fabulous children: Emily, age 9.....and yes, she has 2 hands; she was waving at me.Daniel,age 2 1/.
and Sarah, age 11 (with Christine, her mom and Daniel)

Well, tomorrow we move on to North Carolina and hopefully, warmer weather. Skoal!

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that guy looks like crocodile dun dee!

He introduced himself by an Indian name which I can't pronounce, but looking back at old pics in the museum there, he was called Jack Flood about 40 years ago, when he was still handling snakes.

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