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(no subject)

Today, we are back in Winter, it seems.

South Carolina, but it's rainy and cold. 43 outside at 10:30! I want my Summer back!

Later today, we'll be going to see my niece and her 3 kids; one of whom we haven't even met yet. He's the last bearer of our family name; heavy pressure, since he's only a tiny tot.

Shorts are now a memory and we're running the electric heater night and day. Guess my tan will start fading any day now. :-p

Here's some pics from the last camp and from the Okeefenokee Swamp Park. (Honest, that's a real name).

Lake Laura S. Walker in Georgia
Fast tubing on the lake
I felt bad for this otter. They are social animals and he was all alone, trying his best to get out of his pen, but the wire you can see there is electrified to shock him if he climbs too high. Small pond to swim in; no wonder zoo animals go crazy.
Couldn't take the boat ride due to lack of water in the Suwannee River, so we took the train ride.
It was a nice hot day and lots of people came to the park.
One of several cute displays on the train ride
The conductor has long attracted a gator from across the lake with marshmallows. He's not allowed to feed her anymore because she began swimming over to confront workers at the site. I don't know, he says she's tame, but this is what we refer to as the "Disney Mentality".
A pet rooster at the little mock-up farm community in the Swamp Park
An early settler's house donated by some descendants. Ken and I always say these places are donated because someone says "would you get that eyesore off our land"!
The living room of the rustic cabin
The Camellias and the Azaleas were in full bloom and these butterflies (I think they are Great Swallowtails, not sure) were all over, I mean by the hundreds! They flew around us as we walked and as we ate; huge groups were in the flowers. I tried to get shots of them as they fluttered enmasse, but my camera is not quick enough for that.

It's actually stopped raining and I think I will go out and take a walk before it starts again. More tomorrow. ^_^