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(no subject)
A school of Mulletand a strange jellyfishthe Jetty Park beach
We were in Waycross, Georgia for the last 2 days. It was WAY off the beaten path, so I had no laptop reception, even with my new wireless card. Well, there was reception, but it was so slow as to make it impossible to do anything at all online.

Pretty park, but smoky, as Georgia, like Florida, is in deep drought and there are many wildfires.

We went to see the Okeefeenokee Swamp Park. Couldn't take the boat ride, as there was not enough water in the Suwannee River for navigation.

Took the narrow-gauge train ride tho, and it was cute. 45 minutes around the park. Parks been open since 1946; some old B-movies were filmed there in the 50's. Had a really nice nature show with snakes (I love snakes) and baby gators. 2 small museums, one dedicated to Walt Kelly, the creator of the old comic strip "Pogo".

Today, we are in South Carolina and it is raining. This is a good thing, because S.C. is also plagued with many wildfires. All of the Southern states are suffering from prolonged drought.

It's starting to thunder now, so I'll post my pics and get offline. Don't care for the lightning!

The Stephen Foster Carillon
A record of the highest floods the river has had; in order: 1986,1993, 1948, 1984, 1973 (See pic on top for stats)Someone in the park fashioned this from a frame and Spanish Moss.
A closeup of his face. *_*
Miss Kitty passed this way!
The Suwannee River, South......
and North; dark, tannic water.
In the early 1900's it was a sulphur springs spa....
but a 1933 flood washed every thing away and in the '70's the springs dried up.
Some of the Live Oaks draped with Spanish Moss in the campground.
Parasailers in Jetty Park!
A small Loggerhead Turtle in Jetty Park....
and a small Green Turtle
A small Raccoon who posed prettily and took squid and shrimp from the fisherpeople in Jetty Park.

I don't have a clue as to why some of pics jump to the top of the page; it's most exasperating. But that's all for today; the lightning makes me nervous.


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My Uncle Larry is from South Carolina. My 2-foots have never been there, although one of them has been to North Carolina and to Georgia

All 3 are lovely states;very humid in the Summer, though, which is why we are only here in the Winter.

All these states are quite beautiful, although they're still cold in March,as we're finding out.

Mmmmm, a spa.... Mmmmmmm... I quite fancy going to a spa....

This one used to be really nice; now, however, the bottom is filled with muck. I will keep an eye out for a nice one for you.

That is a place I really want to go to one of these days!

Florida has so many beautiful spots; just don't come here from June through September, unless you like sweating a lot and temps in the high 90's-100's. Come in the other months and you'll have a great time.

"...Swanee, how i love ya...my dear old Swanee..."

Great Pics! I feel like I've been somewhere!

Take care My Friend!


You have been; imagination is the best vehicle. But soon, you'll be down in FL; didn't you say you were coming?

We're in S.C. now, and it's rainy and cold. :-p

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