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We are in White Springs, Florida now, our last stop in the state of FL.

Staying in Stephen Foster Cultural Center Park. It's very nice, the sites are twice as large as most campgrounds.

There is a 97 bell carillon here which chimes on the 1/4 hours, like Big Ben. It also plays a medley of 5 S.Foster songs 4 times a day. Uses a perforated roll, like a player piano. The bells are not bells as such, but tubular affairs which are struck inside by wooden mallets. For the sanity and sleep of the campers, the carillon is shut off from 8 p.m. till 8 a.m.

This used to be a big resort area, with a 3 story bath house built around a natural spring. Alas, the spring has long since dried up, but the bath house is being restored. There are also all kinds of crafts which are taught here in Spring and Summer.

We had thought about kayaking, but the launch area is a long carry away from the parking area. A LONG carry, up hill and down dale and down steps, so we contented ourselves with some forest walks instead. Saw some nice wildflowers. Since we are almost out of Florida, the Saw Palmetto is almost faded away; this is a plant that I can see no use for; it has no redeeming qualities and covers most of the open land in FL.

We'll be here a few more days. The town is old and a little run down at the heels, but the area is pretty. Because of all the live oaks in these areas, the water is tannic water, dark brown/black and you cannot see into it at all. When the Suwannee River is high, there are Class 3 rapids here.

Here's my pics from Merritt Island......
The male Painted Bunting on Merritt Island, one of the most beautiful birds, in Crayola colors of red, blue, yellow and green
The female, whom I could not capture, is all pale lime green
The place was filled with Red-Winged Blackbirds, one of our first birds to return in Spring up North. They make incredibly loud whistles.
It's mating season; fight for dominance!
Brown Pelicans all over the end of the jetty in Jetty Park. The rocks are not really white, they are guano covered. Imaging the smell!
The endangered Florida Gopher Tortoise; saw this one walking the road on the way back from Merritt Is. Ken pulled over so I could take some pics
They grow to be somewhat larger than a flattened basketball.
He came within a foot of me, then my camera lens swung and he pulled his head in, so I left him to his grazing.
One of the posh cruise liners that leave from Port Canaveral. Everyone goes down to the jetty to watch them go. The patrons stand outside and they all cheer as they pass into the sea. This one is from a Norweigian line, I think
The Disney liners, the Carnival liners and the Norwiegian liners all leave from here. We saw at least one liner come in or go out every day; plus 2 huge cargo ships. They all need the pilot boat and sometimes the tugs to get them in and out.

We have no firm plans for tomorrow; have to see what the day brings. It's 86 outside and in, and very hot. It will be much nicer later in the day. Keep cool!

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They're big canoodles, auntie!

Yes, we could probably fit several hundreds of our tin tents inside one of them.

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