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This is our last day here in Jetty Park and I really hate to leave. It's been fun watching the big cruise liners sail in and out; the Disney, Carnival and Norweigian Lines sail from here every few days.

Last night, at 7:45, scads of people were down on the beach to watch the moon rise; it was the closest it's been to Earth in 18 years. It did make a lovely sight, all deep orange in the purplish sky. All around, cameras were flashing.

Saw a Great Blue on the rocks alongside the jetty this morning; he had a hook with a lead sinker caught on his leg and fishing line tangled around his body. It appeared that he flew into someone's cast. A manager here in the park called some wildlife people, but he said no one called back. When I looked in the afternoon, the heron was gone; don't know how he ended up. Fishing line kills a lot of sea birds and shore birds each year, unfortunately.

Tomorrow, we are heading to another Florida park; Stephen Foster State Park, for a few days, our last Florida park for this year. We'll be seeing some friends and relatives again in the next week. Till then, some more FL pics.....
Our campsite; nice shade, much appreciated in the 80's+ sun
Moon Madness!

This raccoon patrols the jetty rocks every day looking for fish......
and so does this cat.

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I was hoping someone would come to save him, but I don't think anyone did. He was down on the rocks, under the jetty. To climb down onto the wet rocks would be hazardous and with that sharp beak and those talons, it could turn out to be disasterous. I felt badly for him, but could do nothing for him. *_*

This is such a great place! We loved it there! Hugs, Deborah

PS Pics are awesome. especially the moon!

I love having you travel with us. Hope you get to see some of it yourself soon.

So many people turned out to see the moon. It was fabulous; my pics can't really do it justice. Hugs, Nancy

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