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(no subject)

We've been riding thru LA on roads which are really just very extended bridges, as they all go over the bayous, rivers and swamps which make up so much of the Gulf states. Spent 2 days in New Orleans; it was sunny but still windy. The mornings are still pretty cold, but the middle of the days are getting into the high 60's. Here's some new pics.top of a building in N.O.some housesMississippi Rivercar ferry across riverN.O. Riverwalk street musiciansome of the famous above-ground tombs

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Are there lots of nice shops there? Could you push me along in my Dame Mobile then take me down to the river to watch the boats and feed the quacks?

Profeshunal Shopperer Niece Maddie

We could definitely buy beignets and feed the quacks. In fact, if you join us when we get to San Antonio, TX in a few days, we are going to walk in El Mercado (the market) where there are nothing but shops. Bring your plastic money cards!

I must be tired; I posted my reply on my own site instead of replying. Anyway, we could buy beignets and crumble them up to feed the quackers; then if you join us in San Antonio, TX in a few days, we are going to El Mercado (the market) on the riverwalk, where there are loads of shops. Be sure to bring your plastic money!

That sounds buntastic, Auntie!

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