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(no subject)

Today was a day to relax. We took our morning walk out onto the fishing jetty, where we saw jellyfish (strange round ones) some small loggerhead turtles  and a merganser.

No one was catching much of anything, though there were some pompano caught yesterday. Sometimes, we see schools of mullet swimming by.

In the afternoon, we went to the movies. We saw "Red RIding Hood" an updated/adult version of the old fairy tale. Actually, it was dark and gritty, the way fairy tales were originally.

Then we ate lunch/dinner at one of the seafood restaurants here in Port Canaveral. Sat overlooking the water and enjoyed it very much.

It being the start of the weekend, more campers are coming in every hour. I think the camp will be full by this evening. So far, it's been nice and quiet, but we'll see what the weekend nights bring.

Saw 2 more large liners sail out of port yesterday; one of them the DisneyDream. These ships are so long, they are marvelous to see. Plus, they often have rock climbing walls and pools and water slides on the top deck. Never been on a cruise ship, but I can see where it could be fun.

Here's some pics I took before we went to Disneyland.......
Kissimmee, Florida was an old cattle/cowboy town. These medallions are embedded in the sidewalks, as well as stars cut into the brick walks.

This was a store that I thought had a really great name....

Further down one of the streets in Kissimmee. we came upon 2 monuments.....
This was a most impressive piece of construction...

This post was in a Japanese Stroll Garden on Long Island, where I used to volunteer for weeding.....it stood by the states monument....

This was a monument to the soldiers who fought in Corregidor and were on the Bataan Death March....

Now I'm going to walk out on the jetty again and look for turtles and the raccoon who lives in the ballast rocks. Bon Nuit!