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Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone; Irish or not, it's still a fun day to dance a jig and have a drink. (Green beer, of course).

Today was a day for chores. I swept out the r.v. and then we did 2 weeks worth of laundry. (We didn't do any while we were visiting Universal and Disney). We had to go out of the camp to do our wash, as the laundry room here (and 1 of the bathhouses) was closed because of vandalism! Campers always used to be so polite. Maybe that's why I see a patrol car of some sort riding thru here every day.

The machines in the laundromat cost $4 dollars for a washer and $3 dollars for a dryer! Since we needed 3 of each, it was a pricey undertaking. Maybe  I'll have to return to beating our clothes on a rock in the stream. (Don't hold your breath).

Ken is off on the pier hoping to catch a fish or two and I am catching up on my e-mail and journal. Ken is Irish (I am not) but I guess we already celebrated St. Paddy's Day in Downtown Disney. Everyday, we would stop at the Irish bar, Cookes, for a Harp beer and a frozed Bailey's shake. Very nice!

This place is very calm and quiet; the most exciting thing that happens is when one of the large cruise ships sail from the port in back of us. So far, only 2 have sailed, one in the day and one at night. There is a new Disney cruise liner in the port, but it's not ready to sail yet.

We walk out on the jetty every day for exercise. There is a raccoon that lives in the rocks there, but I've not been able to get his picture yet. I walk the publc access trail to the beach, which is very long and gives me a nice stroll. There is also beach access right from the camp. I am not a beach person, though. I will walk along and look for the odd bit of flotsom, but I'm not an ocean lover. Don't like sitting in the sun, either, I get too hot. 

I'm putting up the last of my Disney pics; after today, it's back to nature. And nature is surely great. 

I've been watching the "Lark RIse to Candleford" BBC series., courtesy of my brother. Now I want to read the books. Next time I'm near a store...
Cinderella's Castle

                                      Main Street at night
People waiting for the electrical parade
One of the Alice in Wonderland floats
An 8-barge water float with sea creatures that sails between the resort hotels at night
Took this 400' tethered balloon ride
The views from the top.....
Our shadow...we took a boat ride around the lagoon and saw.....
Fulton's Crab House, a restaurant....
The Lego Dragon....

                                    and the CIrque du Soleil building.

So, again, Happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all. Wear Green!




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Happy St Pat's to you too! Great pics again.

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