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(no subject)

We are in Port Canavaral now, way across the water from Cape Canavaral, where the rockets go up and the last ever space shuttle just went up 2 weeks ago.

Very nice park here; the large cruise ships, Disney and otherwise, sail out of this port to Caribbean islands. They are so huge, I can't even get a full picture easily. When they sail, lots of the passengers (looking really small against the boat) stand on the decks and wave and cheer and us watchers from the camp wave and cheer back. They sail in the day and late at night, when they are all lit up in a party mode. Fun to see.

There is a very long fishing jetty here where Mr. Ken hopes to catch some fish. (He did, indeed, catch one just a while ago; gave it away to another fisherman).

This is a good place to relax and walk and watch the boats come and go. Last year, we got to see a nuclear sub coming in the harbor, with the accompanying machine gun armed boats!

The days are hot and sunny, nights are cool and still require a heater before daylight. But it's definitely almost Summer. We lost the usual hour to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday; won't see it again until the Fall. Stays light a lot later now.

Here's some more of my Disney pics. We had such a great time there.
the Haunted Mansion; there's a nice little ride inside, with ghosts and ghouls
the Bre'r Rabbit flume ride, a 50' drop
Thunder Mountain Railroad, a neat roller coaster, the only one we take these days
Cinderella's Castle
                                    the Characters Parade; Donald and Goofy
Woody, Lilo and Jessie

                                           Minnie and Mickey on their float
My man!
                        Cinderella on her float, with her fairy godmother and her prince
Beauty and the Beast and their crystal castle
                                                                             Walt and Mickey; he said: " let's never forget, it all started with a mouse."

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Last week , Mum's older sister (64ans) accompanied her daughter to Disneyland Paris, she loved that, she enjoyed herself as a little girl.


I don't think there are many people who don't have a good time at the Disney parks. Are the rides and sights different in Paris Disney?

It looks like mid-summer there, auntie, not March!!

I know, we have 80+ in the day and 60+ at night. It's very pleasant now. Lovely breezes and no humidity yet.

as always great pics!
hugsfrom Hare

Thanks! I hope your visit is just as much fun. BTW, I love your new userpic. ^_^

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