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(no subject)

I FOUND HIM!   I looked in one last store in Downtown Disney and there was a Jiminy for me! Here he is......

and Back. I am such a happy camper!

We went to Universal Studios on Friday, the other big theme park in the Orlando area. It was a very windy day to start off, which made it really cold until the mid-afternoon, when we could remove our heavy sweatshirts. But there was a lot to see. First thing we did was head to Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, the newest part of the park. The amount of people was staggering. No one was allowed to carry anything on the ride; if I'd known that, I'd have left my purse at home. As it was, we stood on a locker line for 30 minutes or so to stow our things.

Then, we got on the line for the ride. Let me say that the ride was really good and worth doing, but I have NEVER stood so long on any line; over 90 minutes. You wind back and forth on the folded-back-upon-itself line, passing the same faces again and again. I think if this line were stretched out straight, it might easily have gone for a mile or more. The ride was a lot of fun and at least the line was constantly moving. When you finally got inside Hogwarts, there were lots of talking holograms to keep you occupied. All the portraits moved and talked, just like in the books. And Harry, Ron and Hermione were there holigraphically also. Later on, we wanted to return to buy a souvenier for our grandson, but the whole area was closed off until a lot of people in there moved out! Probably, in a year or so, it will be a lot less crowded.

We saw and did a lot of other stuff in Universal and had a very nice dinner in a sit-down Italian restaurant. It was too cold for the water rides, but we had a great day anyway. Universal pics following.......
One of the 4 really extreme roller coasters in Universal. You couldn't pay me enough!
Dr. Seussland, with all the books you read as a child represented here.
Hogsmeade, the main attraction
The village: all the stores are there; Honeydukes, Ollivander's, the Weasly Twins Joke shop, etc.
Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry; it's an amazing piece of construction.
The Flight of the Hippogriff roller coaster; I would have gone on, but Ken wasn't really into it.
The Hogwarts; guardians of the school.

It was a very great fun-filled day. Kudos to my Ken, who hates standing on lines, but who stood on line for Harry Potter for about 2 hours all told. Now that's love!

We're going off to wander through Downtown Disney again this afternoon.Saw the Parade of Characters and the Electric Parade yesterday and some of the evening fireworks. After today, we say goodbye to DisneyWorld for another year. Bon Nuit!

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Auntie he is lurverly and well worth looking for!

Not going to tell Mum about Hogwarts and stuff she is a bit of a Potter fan.

Your Mum can probably look Harry Potter up online and enjoy the scenes from there. (I haven't tried, but I'm assuming). Next year, we will RUN there first of all and do it again, hopefully.

My new Jiminy will get pride of place in my collection. ^_^

congrats finding the perfect Jimmy!

Not sure what we will see in May. David has 4 days of meetings but we'll have the evenings free and two full days. So it'l lbe great in any case!

Enjoy! PS. Ken sounds like a keeper to me. GRIN

Ken is most certainly a keeper; kept him for 43 turns around the sun so far.

Nights are some of the best times; everything is lit up and the park stays open late, 11 or 12. You'll have a great time, just wear really comfy shoes and sit down whenever you can. ^_~

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