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We did have a very nice dinner at Raglan Road, accompanied by 2 Irish step dancers in front of the restaurant while we ate. Then we strolled the length of Pleasure Island, down to the Cirque du Soleil venue, stopping on the way to buy a MM keychain for our grandson and some MM shaped refreezeable ice cubes for me.

There are not enough superlatives to adequately describe the magic of Cirque du Soleil. The things those performers do are incredible!

We had very nice seats, on the end of a row, just as I like it. The performers started by parading all around the arena amongst the spectators.  When we came out, it was raining, with some lightning around. It has been raining ever since, quite hard at times. So today is an indoor day, doing indoor things. I'll be able to finish "In This House of Brede" and I can watch some more episodes of "Lark Rise to Candleford" a really good BBC series that my brother has kindly lent me.

Tomorrow, we are planning to go to Universal Studios to see the newest addition, the Harry Potter World. Looking forward to it; those are some of my favorite books. Have seen all the movies to date and will see the last one (with our grandson) this Summer.

In the meantime, before we float away down the flooded campground street, here's some miscellanious pics........
These pelicans have eaten fish that are too big for them to swallow; notice the fish take sticking out of the left one's throat.
They can skim a few inches above the water for long periods
Standing on one foot in the strong wind is always more of a challange!
When they fold up like this, they look like a curling stone.
The constant winds were fun for some people!

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too cool.. seeing all these pics is gettingme ready for Florida!

Florida is waiting for you and it's getting nicer every day. Still cool at night but the days are gorgeous.

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