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(no subject)

We took ourselves to Downtown Disney yesterday and walked all over. I love to poke in the stores. Disappointing to find no new Jiminys, however. There is one more store I will look in tonight.

We are going to have dinner an Irish restaurant in D.D. called Raglan Road. Very good food. Then we are going to see Cirque du Soleil. Have never seen one, so I'm eagerly awaiting it.

Did laundry today (yawn) and rode to Historic Downtown Kissimmee.

It looks like rain tonight and maybe tomorrow. Hope not; we plan on going to the Magic Kingdom. I'll carry my brolly just in case.

Here's some of Downtown Disney's cute things......
He's all made from Lego pieces!
and the only Jiminy I saw this year, sitting on Pinocchio's backpack
I don't remember which Disney movie this character is from
Minnie, MIckey and Pluto on top of one of the stores
Mickey's Sports Emporium

Outside the toy store

                                 Woody, also made of Legos
The Dancing Brooms from Fantasia
Daisy and Donald Duck at the Disney pin kiosk
Ditto. Mickey and Minnie
Our dinner hosts for tonight.Yum!
This is the tent (not really a tent) where we will see Cirque tonight.
One of the denizens of Pleasure Island, in D.D.

I guess I will bring my camera along with me tomorrow; I can probably stow it in my rather large purse when we go on a ride. Looking forward to the Magic Kingdom!

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And we did! La Nouba was fantastic. A little pricey, but so worth it. If you come to Disney, it's one of the really fine things to see.

Everything here is awesome; sometimes pricey, but still awesome.

Dad is not sure, but may be this character is from the Disney movie "Alice au pays des merveilles".
but Dad is not a specialist of Disney , so he's not sure.
Jiminy, binkie!
Jiminy, binkie!


I know it's from one of the Disney movies that came out long after my children were grown, so I didn't see it. It also had dancing teapots and dancing clocks in it.

I'm going to print out Jiminy's picture when we get home and keep it as my 2011 Jiminy.

Ah, I knew it was one I hadn't seen. At some point, I stopped going to Disney pics; guess as my kids grew up. I have taken my grandson to some, but he doesn't go in for the girly ones.

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