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(no subject)

Australian Pine, a species introduced for shade; it's taking over FL.


The Brazilian Pepper, introduced for beauty, also taking over FL. My sweatshirt is for perspective.

The tiny cones of the Aus. Pine each containing many seeds. One tree produces thousands of cones.
The seeds of the Br. Pepper, each bush produces thousands. Florida is making a huge effort to eradicate both of these before they choke out the native vegetation.
Picnic tables drowned off Scout Island (where these 5 pics were taken; drowned not by the tides, but by humans!
A beach plum at the Sebastian Jetty, with Ken for perspective. (That's one bush)!
The Jetty; it was VERY windy.
Surfers waiting for the big waves.
Riding in.

Almost ready to wipe out...
Anybody seen my rider?

Great form!
The fierce winds blew in hundreds of Man O'War jellyfish. These are extremely dangerous when alive, the sting from their tentacles is so painful it can kill if laid across the heart region. Dead, the ants eat the tentacles.
Despite their danger, they are very beautiful.
The blue color is so fine...
Too bad there's no way to preserve and mount them.
Nature has so many strange and deadly and beautiful forms.

Well, I think we have left the land of tremendous winds behind, perhaps, also, the land of nighttime electric heaters.
We are in Orlando now, near Disneyland and Universal Studios. We plan on doing a lot of sightseeing in both parks. We actually roamed through Downtown Disney this afternoon, which is the Marketplace of the park, requiring no admission. I was hoping to find another Jiminy Cricket, but alas, there were none at all. Jiminy has never been as popular as Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. Maybe next year. *sigh*.

We browsed through all the fun stores, though and I did buy a 2011 pin for my collection. Have gotten 6 pins on this trip so far. We also bought a huge ice cream each at Ghirardelli. ( There goes the diet again). Espresso Chip, though, so worth it.

Tomorrow eve we are going to Paradise Island in D. Disney to see Cirque du Soleil, La Nouba. Never seen one in person before, only on t.v.

We're in a KOA, which is nice; pool and all. Last time we were here, it was freezing and we had a tremendous rain storm. Looks like this time will be better. ^_^

Here's some pics from the last camp. (See above; I don't know why the pics sometimes climb to the top of the post).